Liderazgo Femenino en tecnologia

Hi, my name is Santhy Hernandez, and since 2019 I have worked as a Project Coordinator at ITS. Today I want to share my experience with Women’s Leadership in Technology.

Women’s leadership is framed within the inequality of opportunities and power compared to men, which has undermined us for centuries. However, today, we realize that aggregating this important percentage of the population is a global benefit.

Technology is not far behind and being one of today’s most important areas has given way to new workspaces that collaborate with this inclusion, permeating inherent benefits of the era with daily, independent activities that support individual and family development.

I believe that we all have strengths to contribute if we can express them, and that the most significant learning is when we can make others learn to work in a way that shows their power.

The positive thing about this change is to see solutions to problems from another perspective. Using innate or developed skills is just a matter of empowerment. What is needed is an opportunity, people who believe this is possible. In this case, ITS Solutions demonstrates that it is “open-minded” to these changes, believes in the future, and believes that we create opportunities and are all equal.

Message: Take every opportunity to grow, contribute, and demonstrate that you are capable!