Support & Maintenance

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We help companies develop, not only their business applications, but also to analyze, maintain, and adapt them, and prevent and correct incidents to ensure their optimal operation.

Support & Maintenance business applications

We take care

Preventive Maintenance

Minimizes incidents. Sets up the infrastructure. Performs periodic reviews. Reports, makes recommendations for improvement, and monitors.

Corrective Maintenance

Corrects incidents. It allows remote access and analyzes the causes of persistent, and is adaptive. Consulting and impact analysis for new solutions or systems. Optimizes infrastructure and saves costs.

All incidents are classified to prioritize and solve them as soon as possible.
The operation of the software is ensured, and the support team will resolve all questions that may arise.
The necessary improvements or corrections are introduced in the applications.
The respective security and cybersecurity checks and reviews are carried out.

The Satisfaction of a job well done!

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